Update 2016 (Sorry! … way too late!)

Funky people! It’s already February  of this new year. And you did not hear from me since November 27 of 2015. That is unacceptable for me saying this blog is fresh and up to date! There is so much happening right now. So many good things: This year I will release 4 different EP’s on Dutch label “New Jazz Adventure”. This project goes by the name “Are you ready for this?”. And I really hope you do. The 2nd EP will be released at the beginning of March. Which means the 1st EP is already released! you can listen to it here:


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Deeplomatic Recordings

Before this summer there will be another release on Deeplomatic Recordings. This will be my second EP for this label and another 4 tracks of very soulful deephouse music! Stay tuned for more info!



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Speaking of LIVE sets. In 2016 my LIVE sets will become even more exciting! I’m gonna add some live VIDEO to control, morph and edit. Thanks to VideoSync !


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Funky People

on November 26 there will be a new official digital release of yours truly!
ad for a limited time you can get a track for free!

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On November 26 D-Felic will launch his new EP, Flight 799, which features Californian vocalists E Reece and Estrella from World Hood. An EP that will take you on a soulful voyage all the way from deep electronic soul tot boombap hip hop. Dutch DJ and Producer D-Felic is known for his ʻFunky and Eclecticʼ sound, in which he seamlessly mixes Electronic Soul, Nu-jazz, Broken Beat, Deephouse, Afrobeat and Latin, into an outstanding signature sound. As a DJ he’s performed at countless clubs and festivals in The Netherlands. His playing field has recently expanded towards Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Lakers

Funky People,

This blog is mainly used to inform you about everything what is happening around D-Felic. Like gigs, media and downloads. When I started I used this blog also to tell and write about all of my other interests. I want to pick up this slack.

I want to start about some thoughts about the Lakers. I know a lot of people think they got the solution for the dissapointing Lakers. Just like all Dutch people think they got the best ideas for the Dutch soccer team.

As a NBA and Laker fan, I feel like writing about it too. This year was special for me, because for the first time in my life I went to a Laker game in Los Angeles.

What went wrong this season

We don’t have to forget new coach Brown had no pre-season. To be a new coach on a new team you need the 6 weeks pre-season at least, to get the team the way you want. Then there was that Odom trade. I don’t know all the ins and outs, but basically I think, when a player don’t feels playing for you anymore, get rid of him. You need players with good spirit and energy on your team. I will get back on this later.

Lakers got some benchplayers before the season started. But now season ended, please tell me we need to keep. Maybe Ebanks, Hill, Barnes, Blake and McRoberts. McRob is the new Kurt Rambis for me. I like his teameffort and energy. Barnes and Blake are solid benchplayers.  Ebanks and Hill were 2 revelations for me this season!

About the starters. Kobe showed this year again he’s a through warrior. He never let the team down, showed effort and lots of energy every game. Drew has to grow up! No doubt he is talented as he showed with his stats this year. But if he wants to be the new franchiseplayer of the Lakers, he got to grow up. Sessions did OK, but have to be better next year. But what can you expect of a guy who came from the Cavs to Hollywood. It took World Peace too long to get in shape. About Gasol I can be very short, he failed this season. For such a talented player there was too less effort and energy. Too much games he gave us his “ I don’t know what happened face”. For the first time this season I would prefer having his brother on the roster.

So what needs to be done this off-season?

So many people so many thoughts. Here are mine. In essence I think only Bryant and Bynum are safe for next season. If Bryant wants to stay of course. The rest of the team can be on the trading block. My second thought is to keep Ebanks, Hill, Sessions, Barnes as well. These guys showed effort and energy besides their personal talents. Pau Gasol and Troy Murphy NEED to be traded!

Which players should Buss and Kupchak go after.

Already on so many websites and blogs rumors already started about who to trade and who to get.Before I start mentioning names I think the Lakers should consider for next season, I first want to talk about what they need in general.What first comes to mind is speed. They need it in transition offensively and defensively. They need players with dedication and energy.

Positionwise I think the Lakers need upgrades on different spots. To start with the pointguard position. If there is a chance to go for a top 10 PG, Lakers should consider it. I am not talking about Jennings, but Deron Williams or Rondo. Lakers need an good back-up for Kobe. A versatile SG who can create, shoot the 3 ball and plays defense. A player like Pietrus and/or Rudy Gay comes to mind.  As I said earlier I want to keep Ebanks on the SF spot. The kid is very talented and got a great potential, offense and defense. I think I prefer Barnes over World Peace. Another good benchplayer on this position if Lakers trade World Peace is more than welcome. Even he is a troublemaker sometimes, I like Beasley. He has to work on his defense, but he can play PF as well when Lakers want to go small. The powerforward spot is vital. Lakers need more speed and energy there. I like Jordan Hill to develop, but Lakers need a veteran on that spot. I think Lakers should go for Josh Smith. You add speed, defense, playmaking to that PF spot. With the possible loss of Gasol you lose some assists but Josh gives you more options.

Minnesota and Atlanta are good parties to trade with. I think both teams can make a good package for the Lakers and can get some players back who help them out too. Beasley+Williams(+Rubio) or Josh Smith and Jeff Teague.

And I think Kobe would love to have Howard on his team. The only player the Lakers should consider trading Bynum for.

I needed to write this down. I would love to hear your ideas, so write some comments down low.



P.S.  Next time it’s about music again!

Los Angeles …. I love you!

Funky People

it’ more than a week already  that I got back from the City f Angels.

I miss LA!

I had just such a wonderful time.

the gigs were amazing, people were funky and KRAZY!

i want to thank everyone who came out and supported me

I want to thanks especially DJ MZA, Jocelyn Yamasaki, Aaron Paar aka DJ Destroyer, Norman Mayers and Josh Kane !

I will be back soon ! FO SHO!

for those who missed it . there is some nice footage on my youtube channel

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Pressrelease Los Angeles!

D-Felic hits Los Angeles
A dream coming true for D-Felic. Yesterday he travelled to Los Angeles for the first time.
Once his remix of D’Angelo got picked up by local LA based Dj’s, things started to develop rapidly.
D-Felic is delighted to be the opening act for Mark de Clive Lowe on the 4th of August in Little Temple!  Four more gigs will folow. Aside from all that he will also do a recordingsession with the talented vocalists Waberi Jordan and Jenni Alpert , and he will also appear on Soul Circle Radio.
D-Felic will be attending Los Angeles from August 3 until August 11.
For more info:



Thursday August 4
Name event:         Nu-Thursdays
Venue:                    Little Temple
Address:                 4519 Santa Monica Blvd
                                    Los Angeles, CA 90029
Info:                          D-Felic LIVE

Friday August 5
Name event:         Steady
Venue:                     Medusa Lounge
Address:                 3211 Beverly Blvd.
                                    Los Angeles, CA
Info:                          D-Felic DJ set

Saturday August 6
Name event:              Soul circle radio
                                    @  3 PM
Info:                             interview + DJ set
Name event:          Art + Soul
Venue:                      The Mezz Bar at The Alexandria Hotel
Address:                   501 S. Spring Street – 2nd Floor (follow the signs)
                                     Los Angeles, CA 90013
Info:                           D-Felic DJ set

Sunday August 7
Name Event:               D-Felic LIVE feat. Waberi Jordan
Venue:                       The Last Bookstore
                                     453 S. Spring St.
                                     Ground Floor
                                     Los Angeles, CA 90013
Info:                           D-Felic LIVE feat. Waberi Jordan