Berlin, I love you!

Funky people!

Just got back from another very nice weekend in Berlin
Of course I stayed in the best hotel in Berlin, MICHELBERGERHOTEL !
Please go there when you go to Berlin. Before I went back to the hotel for another nice DJ set, I went to BMG for a first meeting. Thanks to Maik, Marian, Anneke and all the other BMG crew. Let’s go, be creative and make some good music!

Another nice gig in MichelBergerHotel. Because of my backspasms I had to stay in my bed for a long time on Saturday. But I was very prepared for my gig in Bar Tausend. That gig was off the hook again!!! People went crazy!   for whom who are interested in the sound, here is a short recording of an hour, taken from my 5 hour set.

And some nice pictures:

IMG_7030  IMG_7032 IMG_7011 IMG_6999 IMG_6990 IMG_6985 IMG_6983

Los Angeles …. I love you!

Funky People

it’ more than a week already  that I got back from the City f Angels.

I miss LA!

I had just such a wonderful time.

the gigs were amazing, people were funky and KRAZY!

i want to thank everyone who came out and supported me

I want to thanks especially DJ MZA, Jocelyn Yamasaki, Aaron Paar aka DJ Destroyer, Norman Mayers and Josh Kane !

I will be back soon ! FO SHO!

for those who missed it . there is some nice footage on my youtube channel

D-Felic YOU Tube channel

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