Update 2016 (Sorry! … way too late!)

Funky people! It’s already February  of this new year. And you did not hear from me since November 27 of 2015. That is unacceptable for me saying this blog is fresh and up to date! There is so much happening right now. So many good things: This year I will release 4 different EP’s on Dutch label “New Jazz Adventure”. This project goes by the name “Are you ready for this?”. And I really hope you do. The 2nd EP will be released at the beginning of March. Which means the 1st EP is already released! you can listen to it here:


(iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify links are there to find too)



Deeplomatic Recordings

Before this summer there will be another release on Deeplomatic Recordings. This will be my second EP for this label and another 4 tracks of very soulful deephouse music! Stay tuned for more info!



If you want to book D-Felic and I think you should. For a DJ set or a LIVE set please go to Deeplomatic Bookings or Blue Cake


Speaking of LIVE sets. In 2016 my LIVE sets will become even more exciting! I’m gonna add some live VIDEO to control, morph and edit. Thanks to VideoSync !


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Herbie Hancock

Funky People,

You may know I have some heroes in music.
I did not know much about Herbie.
He always has been a huge influence on music and even more in developing as a keyboard player.
He and Bernie Worrell made me want to play synthesizers and abuse them!

Now I finally read his book and Herbie is an even more interesting person than I thought!


update July

funky people!

it has been too long since I wrote a blogpost!

sorry for that!

first of all I was very busy with finishing my EP’s for the upcoming months. But I can tell you, it’s gonna be fire!

at least one track is gonna be with the more than lovely Sandra St. Victor!!!

Besides that I had to finish artwork for my upcoming EP which will release digitally world wide on August 8!

D-Felic presents: Decadent Creatures – ‘Your momma told ya to listen’

On this EP I hooked up with Robert Carvalho from Birmingham… pure soul!

as said release date August 8 on iTunes and there are rumours there will released a free track of this EP

so stay tuned!

I remix a lot of tracks of other artists lately. Robert Carvalho, Kid Carpet ( this remix will find it’s way to the net soon!) and Bombay Show Pig.

my latest remix I did for the lovely and talented Miss Jenny Lane!

you can download it for FREE on my Soundcloud

Talking about my  Soundcloud….

there is a very nice new DJ mix for y’all!

FREE to DOWNLOAD!  this month it’s a deephouse mix

you can find it on my right side bar as well!

feel free to comment on my tracks on soundcloud.

As some people of you already know, I’m going to LA in August!

more info soon!

don’t forget to follow me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER !

’till we meet again!



funky people!

some good and bad news

bad news

due to some technical problems there will be no release this month of my 4th EP called ‘Easy Listening’

this release will be in the first week of June.

now the good news

Just to give an impression of the sound of my 4th EP, I uploaded 1 track on my Soundcloud

I also dropped a new DJ mix on my Soundcloud just to enjoy summertime in May!

one of my earlier tracks is selected on a dutch online compilation called “Hollandse Nieuwe 18″

I did a short interview with 3voor12.nl as well
interview 3voor12

So now you are up to date :)

there is one surprise left for this month

but i will keep you posted on that one!

till then. spread the word and follow me!
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one love!


3rd EP “Naked in the Disco”

Funky People,

my new EP releases this week!



3rd Ep out of 7 by Dutch electro / broken beat producer D-FELIC.

On this new EP he fully goes for the electrofunk.

Injected with 80′s vocoder funk and fidget house we find D-Felic on the mic for the first time.

Humour and self-mockery are the keywords here but nonetheless the catchy lyrics and dreamy one-liners work really well over the pumping basslines of ‘DISKO’ and ‘NAKED’.

Track 3, MAKE LOVE, can be best described as broken beats for the bedroom:The perfect finish of a night-out clubbing.




3.Make Love

All tracks produced by D-Felic (aka SJOERD NEGGERS)

download link



Funky People,

short announcement!

I will perform LIVE with Jimmy Rage this Fridaynight @ Nachtegiel 3FM!

we will do a short live set with some of the tracks of my EP Praiseskisseslovetears and smiles

so tune in! radio and if I’m right it will be broadcasted on Dutch television as well!

go to www.3FM.nl to listen live !