Funky people! A new release! It’s the last of 2016 for me. It’s on a new label : Good For Your Records. Last summer I was in Los Angeles. I did a lot of gigs, met a lot new people. One of them was the great Honey LaRochelle! She is an amazing vocalist and songwriter! She is on this track! Track is called : My Place ENJOY! LINK



Funky People

on November 26 there will be a new official digital release of yours truly!
ad for a limited time you can get a track for free!

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On November 26 D-Felic will launch his new EP, Flight 799, which features Californian vocalists E Reece and Estrella from World Hood. An EP that will take you on a soulful voyage all the way from deep electronic soul tot boombap hip hop. Dutch DJ and Producer D-Felic is known for his ʻFunky and Eclecticʼ sound, in which he seamlessly mixes Electronic Soul, Nu-jazz, Broken Beat, Deephouse, Afrobeat and Latin, into an outstanding signature sound. As a DJ he’s performed at countless clubs and festivals in The Netherlands. His playing field has recently expanded towards Los Angeles.

D-Felic’s SOUL EP

The last EP in a serie of 7 brings D-Felic back to the sound of his debut album OOST WEST THUIS BEST.
The one and only Sandra St. Victor (of Family Stand fame) contributes her immaculate voice to opener Crave. The percussive beats of Crave are an easy prey for soul beast Sandra who easily flows along with D-Felic’s jumpy electronics.
Next is ‘How you want it’ featuring Furlan.
Furlan already contributed on D-Felic’s ep#6 and listening to ‘How you want it’ proves why D-Felic asked Furlan back into the studio.
The production of this track is from a high level standard: catchy synths and broken beats, playful but still serious craftsmanship. Furlan knows exactly what to do and doesn’t stay behind.
The 3rd and last track Soulboi is pure Nu-Soul.
D-Felic lays here a solid beat with minimal funky synths which leaves all the space for Brian Zalmijn to show his skills as a fantastic soul singer.

Wonderwoman was sleepwalking that day EP

On Ep number 6, Wonderwoman was sleepwalkin’ that day, D-Felic returns to the roots of broken beat: soulful hip hop.
While laying out his funky head boppin’ beats D-felic introduces some of Holland’s finest mc’s on the mic: DNG, VIN ROCK, UNKNOWN EYE and the excellent vocalist FURLAN.
Expect easy flowing rhymes and catchy hooks over layers of jazzy electro, tight snare drums, analog keys and a pinch of spicy p-funk.
This is not early morning Headphone music nor late night out clubbing stuff:
Wonderwoman just simply suits for any occasion!