Shame on me

Funky People!

It has been way to long since I posted something on this platform. Sorry about that. I have been mad busy in the studio the lat couple of months. I have been working on lots of new music. For myself and also for other artists.

But there were stil some releases! My 4th EP in the series ” Are you ready for this?” on New Jazz Adventure.

The 4 covers artwork done by Micha de Bie.

And I released a track with the great Natalie Oliveri.

LA vibes cover groot

Since I have my own portal now there will be more releases soon!

So bare with me and stay tuned for more

you can listen to all my new (and old) releases on




Thanks for all the support



Funky people! A new release! It’s the last of 2016 for me. It’s on a new label : Good For Your Records. Last summer I was in Los Angeles. I did a lot of gigs, met a lot new people. One of them was the great Honey LaRochelle! She is an amazing vocalist and songwriter! She is on this track! Track is called : My Place ENJOY! LINK


I never said feat. Taryn Manning

Funky People,

good energy, good vibes
I have to share this track with you!

It was a hot day in August 2015.
I had a great day with Taryn Manning in the Stadium Red Studio’s in New York!
Jeremy Carr and Ryan West were in that session too.

Until this day we haven’t found a label.
But I need feedback, comments and maybe some interest from a label.

enjoy! and please do leave a comment on my Soundcloud!

new remix!

Funky people!


I made a new remix…. of a JUSTIN BIEBER track!

What do you mean!

Update 2016 (Sorry! … way too late!)

Funky people! It’s already February  of this new year. And you did not hear from me since November 27 of 2015. That is unacceptable for me saying this blog is fresh and up to date! There is so much happening right now. So many good things: This year I will release 4 different EP’s on Dutch label “New Jazz Adventure”. This project goes by the name “Are you ready for this?”. And I really hope you do. The 2nd EP will be released at the beginning of March. Which means the 1st EP is already released! you can listen to it here:


(iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify links are there to find too)



Deeplomatic Recordings

Before this summer there will be another release on Deeplomatic Recordings. This will be my second EP for this label and another 4 tracks of very soulful deephouse music! Stay tuned for more info!



If you want to book D-Felic and I think you should. For a DJ set or a LIVE set please go to Deeplomatic Bookings or Blue Cake


Speaking of LIVE sets. In 2016 my LIVE sets will become even more exciting! I’m gonna add some live VIDEO to control, morph and edit. Thanks to VideoSync !


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